May. 26th, 2014

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May. 26th, 2014 07:02 am
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  • Sun, 14:18: RT @studentactivism: In Rodger's manifesto he talks constantly about how women choose jerks over good guys like him, but never talks about …
  • Sun, 14:18: RT @studentactivism: It's really pretty striking. The document recounts his life in minute detail, but there are no acts of kindness or gen…
  • Sun, 14:18: RT @rocza: "The term “men’s rights” is roughly analogous to the phrase “white power,” and equally creepy." -@ChuckWendig
  • Sun, 14:30: NY POST redeems it existence (kinda) RT @si_vault: I like how the NY Post handled Kimye wedding news.
  • Sun, 14:47: RT @aneeman: People want to blame #autism or mental health for shootings because it exonerates hate's real source: a culture that valorizes…
  • Sun, 14:47: RT @aneeman: Who taught Elliot Rodger that women's bodies belonged to him? Who said that was okay? It wasn't Asperger's, it wasn't mental i…
  • Sun, 14:47: RT @aneeman: He heard that throughout our society. Elliot Rodger didn't believe anything unusual for the toxic culture of "men's rights act…
  • Sun, 14:50: I have a proposition. When encountering an MRA, treat them as if they belonged to a White Power group. Would you kindly debate the KKK?
  • Sun, 14:52: I should say that I have spent hours debating MRAs, trying to engage, trying to understand, trying to help in little ways.
  • Sun, 14:52: RT @kylecassidy: I spent three years talking to veterans about the meanings of their tattoos. Thanks to all of you.
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