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  • Thu, 12:43: ICYMI Yesterday's CNN piece joking about Down syndrome, focusing on an episode from @ThisAmerLife (1 of 2) -
  • Thu, 12:43: 2) After the piece was up, I had a long & really thoughtful conversation with Wyatt Cenac, the comedian in question.
  • Thu, 13:06: The Russian password theft story is "getting squirrely." MT @Bruce_Schneier: Over a Billion Passwords Stolen?
  • Thu, 13:20: RT @qui_oui: Gamifying recruitment? Let employer access your social media contacts? No thank you! @snerfsnerf
  • Thu, 13:24: RT @roopikarisam: Twitter has opened up the contours of the academy; made me committed to working in public; made me think about genre, rheā€¦
  • Thu, 14:19: New blog post: A @ThisAmerLife episode from 1996 with terribly cruel joke using the r-word, rebroadcast in 2013.
  • Thu, 14:20: 1) 1996 really was a different era in terms of disability representation, though the lines, by David Sedaris, were plenty cruel then too.
  • Thu, 14:21: 2) Sedaris has this whole bit about seeing a group of disabled people and not being able to tell NYers from the r-words. It's terrible.
  • Thu, 14:21: 3) But in 1996, I can see why @ThisAmerLife would broadcast it and not think twice, or at least not more than twice.
  • Thu, 14:22: 4) Today, though, it strikes hard and hurts. I have a letter from a father who pulled over to the side of the road and wept when hearing it
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