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  • Wed, 12:43: RT @sarahshulist: @lollardfish on #salaita press conf. Last point is a great one - not a moment for the uni to double down on a bad bet htt…
  • Wed, 12:50: Rules for academic book reviews. 1) May not kvetch about titles of books. 2) May not say "reads like a disssertaion."
  • Wed, 12:51: Rules for academic book reviews. 3) May not use "first book" as a pejorative. 4) Does not have say something negative to prove you're tough.
  • Wed, 12:56: Rules for academic book reviews. 5) If you wanted big section added, remember word limits, esp for jr people. What would you have removed?
  • Wed, 12:57: RT @e1duderino: @Lollardfish ye gods, I hate #2: so it reads like the imperfect but admirable results of a tremendous amount of work?
  • Wed, 12:58: Any other rules for academic book reviews?
  • Wed, 13:00: RT @finnarne: New call for pitches on "Adventures with Technology" from @TheAtlanticTECH! The theme is "Addition and Subtraction" http://t.…
  • Wed, 13:05: "Palestinian exception to the First Ammendment." - Great wrap up and links. From @CoreyRobin #Salaita
  • Wed, 13:08: My post: Reactions to the #Salaita press conference. You really shouldn't run your R1 Uni like a country club.
  • Wed, 13:08: RT @rocza: @Lollardfish review ideas, not person (unless person has behaved so badly they cannot be separated fr their work)
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